Alix Williams EP

by Alix Williams

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released November 26, 2013

All songs written and composed by Alix Williams
Recorded by Alix Williams
Mixed & Mastered by Steve Williams
Produced by Lisa Williams and Ivonna Molina



all rights reserved


Alix Williams San Antonio, Texas

I'm just a kid from a small town in Michigan with a pen, paper, and a guitar. Creating music is my greatest joy and I love to share my music with everyone. I hope ya like what ya hear!

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Track Name: You Can Count On Me
You can count on me
When there's no one there to count on
I will take your hand
And hold it right in mine
And we will go to a place
Where there's no need to worry
A place where only love can find

We hope for the best
But always fear the worst
Yet I found what I didn't even know I needed at all
Sometimes who we love
Is who we hurt
But I'll catch you
If you ever fall

In your eyes, I see the world
Like I've never seen it before
You make life worth living
You're what I'm livin' for

You know you got me
When there's no one you can count on
I will hold your hand and be there for you
And if you get to that place where there's no need
for worry
Come find me
And take me away with you

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: You Make My Day
You see the light
In the darkest of the night
When everyone around
Is closin' their eyes

And every single time
The truth leaves your mind
When everyone around
Is tellin' lies

You know exactly what to say
To make my fears go away
Exactly what to do
Any day I'm feelin' blue
You got a smile
That could light up this whole place
You make my day
When I see your face

If you're under attack
You know I got your back
Cause' I know you got mine
And that's a fact

Oh what can I say
You just always make my day
No matter if you're near or far away


I know it's hard
We may be miles apart
But I think of you
And you'll never leave my heart

Track Name: Losing The War
You can fall alone
You don't need me anymore
You found your place
And here I stand to take it with grace
I know we've seen better days

I told you
I swore
But we're not like we were before
You know
What to say
But you're pacin' the floor anyway
It's like winning a battle
But losing the war

This time
I know
We've got no where to go
I know I lied
But I've come to swallow my pride
And for you, I tried

Track Name: What We'll Know As The End
If one day you saw my face
Would you recognize?
Or has this broken picture
Faded to the back of your mind?

What I would give
To be only a witness
The thing no one can see
To watch the world pass by
And no one ever notice me

You picked my heart up
And you threw it away
You left me stumblin'
Over what words I should say
You can take back
Your broken promises
And I'll try to forget
Every word you ever said
We'll take what we can
And forgive someday
But, this is what we'll know as the end

Maybe one day
I'll finally say the right thing
But that's only happened in my dreams
Maybe one day we'll see
Nothing's ever as good as it seems


If one day you say my face?
I hope you'd recognize
Track Name: It Gets Better
Life is but a light
That shines in the distance
Life is but a vision
Filled with doubt and least resistance

Show me a contented man
And I'll show you a failure
With distant dreams
And hopes for somethin', anything greater

You fall apart
You're in the dark
I'll be there for you
I'm here to stay
I promise it gets better
With every step you take
And if you're in the dark
You don't have to fall apart

How can you love
With a broken heart?
How can you finish
What you can't even start?
May you always find an open door
And may you always end up
A little better than you were before


You mean somethin'
You're worth it
Don't ever let anybody
Tell you different